September 07, 2020

                      THE EYES HAVE IT--GET READY.  Football Season is Here!  

                                                   The Two C’s can help... 

You can feel and smell it in the air. We’re transitioning from summer and you all know what that means! Tailgating, great finger food, seeing old friends, cheering on your favorite team, concerts and a lot of raking leaves. Fun times! You know from blogs past, I’m a big believer in staying active outdoors, watching and playing sports, soaking up sunshine/Vitamin D for good health, while protecting your eyes and ALL without compromising comfort, great style and saving you money on your prescription sunglasses

                                          You CAN have it all and SEE it too!

Trust to help you SEE clearly, look your best and to provide you with a quality level of Choices and Convenience. This is paramount to me and my family--when it comes to offering you ‘The best prescription sunglasses on the market today’. When I started, it was with the goal of bringing together high-quality Choices with the Convenience of online shopping with Great Value as a Bonus


At, you can relax, shop, and choose from the comfort of home while browsing our convenient online options. You have choices of various styles of Designer frames for Men and Women, conventional prescription or bi-focal lenses and we provide the highest quality polarized lenses available anywhere in the world, that can be conveniently delivered right to your door.

Right now you’re likely asking yourself...Well that sounds great, Jimmy K., but how much is that gonna cost me?  That is the OTHER great news! I researched a way to bring you primo quality at the lowest possible price I’ve heard of on prescription, polarized lenses. Simply go to our website:, select your frames, lenses and input/load your prescription to SEE how much savings you will receive on your personal prescription sunglasses. I promise you CHOICES, CONVENIENCE and Savings EVERY DAY. 

                  Prescription Sunglasses for MEN and Women ON SALE EVERY DAY                      


You’ve heard the old saying that, “eyes are the window to the soul”. That rings the bell of truth to me in these changing times. I also believe, “Your eyes, strong values, a little imagination, and a lot of humor are your window to a better, clearer world”.  Cheers, Jimmy K.            

*Authorized Onos Dealer

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