August 07, 2020

Prescription sunglasses are a necessity if you need glasses and you enjoy the freedom of outdoor activities as I do. YES, they have to be polarized for eye protection during extended sun time and comfort IS key. But quality prescription sunglasses should be ‘more than great protection’, they are YOUR most important fashion accessory. They ought to be great-lookin so that this vital eye health investment also fits your personal style and personality…

        I believe prescription sunglasses should be both FUN and FUNctional-  Jimmy K.


Sporty looks are my favorite. And the glasses I like to wear are not by any means, “my Grandfather’s spectacles”. Even if I’m headed to my boat for fishin, I want to look sharp. Everyone I meet is a potential friend and client. I try and stay fit- I think I look pretty good for my age but I’m not vain. I just like to look my best and it gives me a good start to my day when I’m clean, my socks match and I’m sportin my favorite prescription sunglasses. 

My wife loves the versatility of a more classic look so that she can go from tennis, work, fishing, or walks to dining- with just a quick change in wardrobe. Her favorite designer prescription sunglasses, easily flow with her casual or more dressy attire. 

Whatever YOUR style...Shop our Mom and Pop site at:, and check out our Designer frames for Men and Women. I promise you the best quality polarized prescription sunglasses on the market, at a price that will make your day! Additionally, our online company offers the convenience of an easy ordering process.

* ( If you haven't' read my story yet about why I started this company, just scroll down on our Facebook Page and read my short version...                Jimmy K.



*(If you haven’t read my story yet about why I started this company, just scroll down on our Facebook page and read my short version). 

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